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Title: Weekend Getaway
Author: noble_siofra
Rating: R
Characters: Justin Timberlake/OFC
Beta: A Star in the Sand.
Summary: Justin has a rare weekend off.
Author's Notes: For the Secret Santa 2010 @

The fire crackled behind the gate, casting its warm glow and heat on the two figures cuddled under a blanket on the over stuffed couch. The frigid December wind howled outside the window and Rachel shivered, glad that she wasn't out in the storm. She snuggled closer to Justin's warm body and smiled at him.

He had surprised her with all this. He called her Thursday night, told her to pack a suitcase and be ready to go in the morning. A weekend free was a rare thing for him, and she had only planned on doing some shopping anyways.

The little cabin he brought her to looked more rustic than it really was. While the outside had a log cabin look to it, once she stepped over the threshold, she was pleasantly surprised to find all the modern conveniences.

After placing their luggage near the door, Justin had gone over to the thermostat and turned it on. Even with the radiators going full blast, the cold wind was still seeping in through the windows. Together they built a fire and got under a blanket while waiting for the cabin started to warm up.

As the silence stretched between them, he turned his head enough to kiss the top of hers. She smiled and lifted her head to return the kiss. His lips were soft under hers, and his tongue, when it ran along her bottom lip, was warm. She parted her lips and allowed him to take dominance over the kiss.

Justin's hand let go of hers and started to rub her thigh gently. She brought her hand up and thread it through the soft curls at the nape of his neck, angling his head to intensify the pressure of their kiss. When they pulled apart, she laid back and he moved over her. Their lips met again, tongues darting out to rediscover everything about the other one's mouth.

Rachel grabbed for the blanket and tugged on it. Justin lifted his hips enough for her to pull it out from between them and toss it to the floor. He lowered himself back down and she ran her fingers down his side. His breath hitched as her fingers wiggled under the waist of his jeans. His own hands found their way underneath her sweater, feeling cold against her flushed skin. Together they clumsily lifted it over her head. She felt her nipples stand out as the cooler air reached them.

Working her hands underneath his own sweater, she helped him remove it. She ran her hands over the smooth expanse of his chest, taking in every detail. His right hand moved from her side to cup her left breast, thumb gently tweaking her excited bud through the fabric of her bra. She thrust her hips at him, scrambling for his fly. It had always been like that with him, a simple touch or gaze could both melt and arouse her at the same time.

The rest of their clothing removed, he groaned as he stood up. He walked, unfazed by the cold wind that persisted to seep in through the windows, to his bag, still near the door, returning to her with a strip of condoms. She watched him intently as he opened one and slipped it on before rejoining her on the couch.

“I love you,” he whispered.
“I love you too,” she whispered back.

His mouth covered hers as he entered her. She moaned against the kiss, feeling nearly ready to burst. He slowly started to pull out of her, and she whimpered again at the sudden loss of him filling her. She raised her hips to meet him as he slid back in. Together, they built up a slow, sensual pace. He buried his face in her neck, alternating between kissing the base of her neck and licking his way up to her ear and gently nibbling on her earlobe. Justin shivered as she ran her fingers up and down his sides, sometimes tracing circles across the smooth expanse of his back.

Justin's thrusts got deeper and more erratic as he got closer to his climax. He lifted himself off of Rachel and their eyes locked. With a grunt, he thrust in one last time, releasing his seed into the condom. Rachel gasped as her own orgasm hit her. She closed her eyes and Justin watched her entire body take a nice, rosy shade of pink and make a barely noticeable shiver as the pleasure overtook her. Fingers dug into the middle of his back, but he hardly noticed.

He pulled out of her and she opened her eyes and pulled him back down to rest on her. She kissed his forehead before he adjusted to lay his head on her breasts. They rested for a few minutes, letting their hearts and breathing return to normal.

She ran her hand through his short hair. It was just long enough to start curling again and she knew he would be shaving it soon. He let out a small snore and she grinned to herself. He could give it his all for ninety minutes for his fans, but when it came to love making, he always dozed off.

The cold air finally registered on her skin as the sweat started to dry. She shivered and located the discarded blanket on the floor. She carefully maneuvered her leg out from under the sleeping form on her to kick it closer to her hand. It took a few tries, but she finally managed to cover them both with it. Feeling loved and warm, she allowed herself to close her eyes and follow him into a nap.

Justin awoke first. He carefully got off of Rachel, covering her back up with the blanket. He took a moment to get his boxers on to keep the chill off before he moved to the fireplace and added another log.

“It's snowing,” Rachel observed. Justin glanced at the window to see big, fat flakes falling.

“Yeah,” he answered. He placed the grate back across and moved back to the couch. She moved her legs and the blanket and as soon as he was sitting was snuggling against her body again.

Neither one cared much when the first snow of the season trapped them in the cabin for an extra few days.
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