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Title: Rhai Merched
Author: [personal profile] noble_siofra
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Hermione Granger/Ginny Weasley

Hermione glanced at each end of the hall before slipping into the magic door to see what shape the room had taken. Upon seeing the floor covered with pillows, she hid a smile, turning her gaze to the shelves that lined the walls. The closest one held literally hundreds of dildos and vibrators. Short, thick smooth ones, long, thin veined ones, and just about any kind you could imagine in between. Another held nothing but different kinds of lubes, yet another had assorted costumes and even more held anal toys, and even in the corner… No, it can’t be… Hermione thought as she walked closer to it. She grimaced as she realized that yes, there was a section of blow up dolls. Merlin, Aggripa, Harry, Circe, Cliodna, …Sirius… The Weird Sisters, Celestina Warbeck, Stubby Boardman, Gilderoy Lockhart, a mermaid, Victor, a goat, Dumbledore, Hermione shuddered and shoved him aside, a hippogriff… At the very back of the selection, she discovered one that caused a small shiver across her spine. Tom Riddle. My, you were handsome back in the day. Hermione turned her gaze to the one next to him and had to stifle a laugh. “Sexy Dementor, guaranteed to excite your willie.”

Ginny glanced at the Marauder’s map before clearing it and slipping into the Room of Requirement. Seeing her lover in the corner, Ginny placed the map down on a pillow and made her way to Hermione. The brunette was engrossed in what was on the shelf and jumped a little when Ginny’s arms circled her waist.

“What’s so funny?” Ginny asked, resting her chin on the shoulder in front of her. Hermione held up a box with a picture of a dementor in a bikini. Ginny blinked before starting to giggle a little.

Hermione tossed the box back onto the shelf and let herself lean back, catching a whiff of the familiar floral scent that was uniquely Ginny. She let out a content sigh and turned to look at the younger witch with a smile. Ginny smiled back and closed the few inches between their lips. Turning in her arms, she nudged the younger’s lips with her tongue, exploring and caressing when granted access.

Ginny slid her hands under Hermione’s shirt and lifted it off, breaking their kiss long enough for both to get shirts off before resuming. Ginny pressed her bra-clad breasts against the taller’s, rewarded with a moan as she gently slid her arms up Hermione’s back and unclasped the sensible black bra. Bringing her hands around to play with the newly released breasts, she felt warm thumbs slide under the waist of her pants and sliding them down before returning upwards to unhook her own bra.

Hermione let out a moan as a warm mouth engulfed her left breast and gentle teeth started tweaking her exited nipple as a hand mimicked the movements on her right. Pulling Ginny with her, she let herself fall back onto the cushions and started kneading the creamy, silky breasts of her lover. The caresses rewarded her with a wave of pleasure as Ginny gently bit down on her nipple. Red hair shimmered as it was lifted up momentarily pausing above the wet flesh as cool air rushed in, and her nipple stood proudly at attention. Light shimmered across the ginger strands as they moved to her other breast and lowered, settling around it as Ginny’s tongue started working wonders. Hands moved down over her jeans, unzipping them, pulling them down. She lifted her hips, pressing urgently into Ginny’s hands as she slid the fabric down.

Ginny nearly purred into Hermione’s breast as the latter’s hands found her arse, kneading it thorough the thin fabric of her panties. Slowly, hands found their way under the silken fabric, tracing the rise and fall of the smooth skin. Soft sighs escaped as freshly kissed lips found each other, tongues dancing a slow and passionate tango. She breaks the kiss, leaning away from Hermione long enough to shimmy her silk panties off.

Hermione takes the cue to remove hers as well, kicking them off to the side as she leaned up, capturing her lover’s lips. A moan escaped as a smooth leg made contact with her excited clit, sending sparks of pleasure throughout her body. She could feel Ginny smiling against her lips for a brief second before a nudge of the knee effectively turned off all thought. She took Ginny’s breasts in her hands kneaded them, enjoying the satisfied gasp she caused. Taking advantage of the distraction, she rolled them over, taking Ginny’s position from her. Lips met lips for a brief moment before Hermione moved her focus to the ginger’s collarbone. After a gentle kiss, she bites down just hard enough to leave a mark, her lover hissing in her ear. Satisfied with the slight flushing that promised the live bite to come, she shifted her attention lower, kissing every inch until she was at one gorgeous nipple. Pausing slightly, she takes the nipple into her mouth. Contented sighs escape Ginny as she swirls her tongue around the erect bud.

She cups Ginny’s other breast in her hand, kneading softly as Ginny moans. Desire flares through her anew as she gently teases the nipple with her teeth and Ginny’s moans grow louder. She positions her hand to mimic her actions on the free breast. Ginny arched up against Hermione, exciting a moan out of her companion. Eventually, she releases the breasts and moves her attention back to her mouth, kissing fervently, trying to convey all of her feelings to her lover. As the passion builds, she runs her hands along the sides of the girl under her, feeling herself moisten as her hands slowly reach the soft ginger curls above the clit below her.

Warm fingers gently stroked Ginny’s moist folds, slicking them further. Sparks of red hot pleasure started in her lower abdomen, spreading across her entire body as the contact continued.

“Mione, please,” a quiet plead for more. Hermione kissed just above Ginny’s curls and picked up her discarded wand, waving it in the general direction of the shelves while continuing to stroke the folds in front of her.

An assortment of objects flew towards the pair, landing just next to Hermione. She picked up a small tube, opening the lid and squirted some lube onto her hand. Closing the lid, she rubbed her hands together for a moment, warming up the liquid before delving a finger deep into the velvety vagina nearly hidden amongst the outer folds. Rubbing against the upper wall, Hermione smiled as Ginny writhed from the intense pleasure. She built up a steady rhythm with her fingers, slowly adding in more until she had four rubbing her partner’s inner length.

Ginny moaned as the pressure built up within her as Hermione made tender love to her with her fingers. After only a few too short minutes, the fingers were withdrawn, and Ginny moaned in disappointment. The disappointment was short lived as a good size dildo was slid in, filling her completely. It rested inside her a moment before it was pulled slowly out, and slid back in just as slowly. The slow pace was one that always drove her crazy, and Hermione knew it as she kept up the lazy pace. Within a minute, Ginny was scooting her hips closer to her lover, trying to get the pace to speed up.

“Mione…” the plea was barely more than a breath. But it was enough as Hermione moved faster. Ginny moaned pleasurably, enjoying the feel of the soft silicone gliding against her inner skin.

A gentle kiss landed on her inner thigh and the dildo was slid completely out of her, the fantastic feel stopping abruptly. Perturbed by the sudden lack of pleasure, she looked down to see her lover adjusting a good two foot long dildo into herself and lubing up the other end. Sitting up, Ginny helped slide her end into her, gasping slightly at the wider length. The filling feeling didn’t stand up to the feel of Hermione’s soft, bald lips against her own.

Hermione moaned quietly as her more than ready clit received the double dildo and then brushed against Ginny’s sex-moistened lips. The sparks flew from her groin as she rubbed her tingling skin against silken flesh. Her breath hitched as Ginny pushed back against her, smashing their bodies together and sending the dildo another inch into her. She reciprocated the motion, bucking her hips against the younger’s body, feeling the dildo slide out a fraction as she moved before sliding in again as skin met skin again.

As she and Ginny created a bit of a rhythm, Hermione closed her eyes and concentrated on just the feel of the dildo and her red haired lover against her. The pressure of an orgasm started to build within her, and she sat up, pulling on Ginny’s leg, signaling her to get up also. As they sat up, the long dildo pressed even harder against the back of her vagina. Breasts met breasts, sending tingling sparks from the contact and Hermione could not stop herself as she pressed herself into Ginny, grounding her lips against the other set. The move took Ginny by surprise and they fell back. The sudden movement sent the dildo sliding out of both of them.

Red hot sparks flared along her skin and in her mind as hands once again slid down to the velvet snatch. Thin fingers stroked the inner sides of the sex-moistened skin, sending a shiver throughout her body. Warm lips pressed against her forehead as Ginny squirmed underneath her, trying to reach the toy closest to her hand.

The long dildo in hand, Ginny expertly spread the lips of her lover and slid the slick silicone phallus half in. The sensation was nearly too much for Hermione and she rolled off of her lover, allowing for better access.

Ginny quickly rolled onto her knees, and picked up the rhythm, only missing a single beat. Hermione moaned, close to the edge, the fire building, over taking her as her body shivered as she climaxed. She lie prone, panting, recovering as Ginny kissed her way along her swollen lips, lapping up her juices.

Once she had caught her breath, Hermione flipped Ginny onto her back, rubbing her lover's swollen clit as she grabbed the closest toy and slid it effortlessly into the puckered lips. She alternated her rubbing with her thrusts, knowing that it would send Ginny into a frenzy.

Ginny screamed as she came violently, soaking the pillows underneath her. Hermione kissed along her pelvic bone, lightly caressing her overly sensitive clit, soothing it, before moving upwards to wrap her arms around the younger. She kicked a few come soaked pillows out from underneath them, getting comfortable.

They dozed off together, tangled in each other's arms.
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