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Hot Pink Butterfly Fiction

As written by Noble Siofra

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Created on 2009-05-03 23:59:45 (#261865), last updated 2011-06-26 (325 weeks ago)

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Name:Hot Pink Butterfly Fic
Location:Ohio, United States of America
Website:Master Fic List!
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Community description:The fics of noble_siofra
It's pretty simple. This community's a home for the compilation of all the fics and original fic that [personal profile] noble_siofra writes. This community hosts adult themed fiction.

So a few standard things to get out of the way here:

Thank You to my betas: [ profile] smirking_muse, [ profile] oliviagurl, [ profile] slytherin_lycan, [profile] conspiratorsb, [ profile] dead_sexydexy, [ profile] plynn78, [ profile] englaroma, [ profile] mollytype, Loz. And to those whose input I would be lost without: Caitlin, Aly, Klaw, and whomever else wanders onto my messenger when I'm writing, lol.

Disclaimer: I am not in this to make money. Not at all. So if you recognize anything, I do not own it. And if you recognize it, you know who's putting their kids through uni with them.
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