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Title: Moonlit Moments
Author: [personal profile] noble_siofra
Rating: G
Characters: Kaye/Roiben

His silver hair glowed in the little bit of moonlight that made it through the canopy above. His eyes, the same shade of silver as a brand new silver dollar took in everything as they walked through the woods.

So much had changed since they first met, here in these very woods. Kaye let the memory wash over her for a moment, reliving the night that changed her life forever. After all, it was the night they met when everything started to change. He met her again in the diner, she found what she really was, and entered his world. The turbulent, violent world of the Fae.

He turned to face her, eyes glinting a little in the light as he allowed himself a smile, and she felt herself smiling back, and taking his hand. He stiffened his back for a moment at the very human move, but gave her a feather light squeeze. He too, seemed to be lost in thought as they passed a particular tree that had a simple dark stain on it’s bark near the bottom of it’s trunk.

The Unseelie Court doesn’t like the power she has over him, but now there is nothing they can do about it. She was his consort- his one and only consort. And now, with two kingdoms to balance, they barely had a chance to be together. If he wasn’t too busy trying to sort out the politics of merging the two opposing sides, he’d come around Ironside, standing, usually, in her grandmother’s front yard, and somehow, she always knew when he was there.

Her transparent, shimmering green wings fluttered in time to the flutter of her heart as the memory of him squeezing honey onto bread in the light of the television at home. Something so simple, but her mind couldn’t let go of how the light flickered across his face, emphasizing the angles of his face, the straight line of his jaw, the sharpness of his nose, and the tiny hint of a glimmer in his eyes when he noticed she had entered the room.

A light breeze blew a few strands of silver against her cheek, and she involuntarily leaned towards him a bit as they continued their moonlit trek along the river. Kaye breathed in the air, tasting the decay of the leaves that had fallen the previous autumn, the nearly stale freshness of the early summer night, not yet late enough for the oppressive New Jersey summer heat to linger through the night. Roiben turned to face her, watching her thoughtfully for a moment before turning to walk away from the river. They walked towards the road, where they had left Corny’s car, ready to go back to her Grandmother’s house, where the new adult sized bed would get broken in. And she knew that when she wakes up in the morning, he’ll have left before the sun rose.


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